Single and Double Block and Bleed Valves

Two Piece Construction

Three Piece Construction


The primary function of a double block and bleed system is for isolation and the secondary function is for intervention. Under certain conditions double block and bleed systems are needed to prevent product contamination or where it is necessary to remove essential equipment from service for cleaning or repairs while the unit continues in operation.

Codes & Standards

Design                  : BS EN ISO 17292 / API 6D / BS 5353

Testing                 : EN 12266-I / API 598

Design Features

  1. Anti-Blow-out proof stem design.
  2. Available with locking device.
  3. Metal to Metal seating for high temperature service.
  4. Special case balls with tungsten carbide/ENP/Stellite coating for metal seating.

Advantages :

  1. Monitor potentially explosive vapors during hot work.
  2. Dual port system allows water to be circulated between seals, providing improved cooling during pre/post weld procedures
  3. Uses very less of test media – cutting down on fill times and reducing waste/treatment expenses.
Valve Type Size Range (mm) Class Rating Connection Material of construction
Block & Bleed
15 - 200
#150 / # 300 / # 600
Screwed/ Socket/ Flanged (RF/RTJ) / Butt Weld
  1. ASTM A 216 Gr. WCB
  2. ASTM A 217 Gr. WC6, C9, C12
  3. ASTM A 351 GR. CF8/CF3, CF8M/CF3M
  4. Special Alloy Steel materials