Quality Assurance and Control

Quality Assurance is a top priority at Leeo. The maintenance of a desired level of quality in our product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of production.

  1. Incoming materials and components – Incoming materials undergo several types of quality checks – for example Dimensional analysis, material analysis w.r.t composition & grade, hardness test or porosity analysis. Further if required material is tested with external laboratories and certification authorities.
  1. In-process Inspection- During the production stage, all machined components are being checked for accuracy as per the drawings. Random checks are performed on the running production. Results from all relevant measurements get recorded by quality inspector. This approach enables us to achieve continuous improvement in our production process
  2. Assembly inspection – Our quality standards require that every single piece of valve passes a tightness test performed by assembly line operators and randomly checked by independent quality workers
  3. Final inspection- During the final inspection process, finished valves are inspected for conformity with customer requirements with hydro pressure tests for seat & shell. Adhering to these strict quality assurance and control standards has helped us to keep non-conformities to an absolute minimum.